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Jwire Online News Australia B’nai B’rith on Mitzvah Day
Make The Most of Mitzvah Day
Mitzvah Day Roundup
PM Gets Behind Mitzvah Day
Mitzvah Day 2013 video by The SHTICK David Southwick MP does the rounds on Mitzvah Day by Henry Greener
Mitzvah Day 2013 video by JNTV Mitzvah Day 2013 video by Australia JNTV
Australian Jewish News
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Australian Jewish News Mitzvah Day 2013 – Projects Listed in the Jewish News
Australian Jewish News Opinion piece by Judy Feiglin – The Magic of Mitzvah Day
Galus Australis http://galusaustralis.com/2013/10/7945/doing-good-deeds-to-meet-community-needs-mitzvah-day-2013/
The SHTICK – Liron Shavit is Mitzvah Day’s poster girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=CjTLRkYBeJU
Mitzvah Day Australia 2012 Mitzvah Day 2012 You Tube