Photos 2023

Friends and family at Souper Kitchen

Friends and family at Souper Kitchen - cooking and packing portioned food for our food hamper program

Mount Sinai College - Pop-up Shuk

Mount Sinai College Year 6 Charity Committee are hosting a Pop-up Shuk to raise money for three chosen Charities. At the Pop-up Shuk, students will be selling homemade items and baked goods to raise the funds. These charities use the much needed funds to help survivors of the October 7th attacks in Israel rebuild their lives. The Charities are: The Summit Institute, which provides support for foster families in Israel, and Zaka, which helps with the search and rescue of missing civilians and soldiers. We will also be contributing to the Sydney Sock Project which helps those in need in Sydney.

Live Love Learn

Create Weave Heal Join the women of our community for a creative, fun and therapeutic art event for all levels. By uniting, our collective strength grows and together we will weave expressions of hope, prayer, and dreams while raising funds for Israel.

B'nai B'rith Parent's Home

Art Experience Project Residents of the independent living units took part in a project facilitated by Art therapists Simona Weinstein. B'nai B'rith Members provided transport to the activity.

Friends of Courage to Care

A team of Courage to Care supporters, members and friends walked "Bay to the G" - from Brighton Beach to the MCG; approximately 20km through several of Melbourne’s iconic locations to help raise money for Courage to Care. This supports our energetic team and help Courage to Care reach more Victorian school students to stamp out racism, discrimination and give them the tools to be Upstanders.

Canterbury Hebrew Congregation

Project 1 Silverstream Reserve - conservation area
Thirteen adults, 2 school age children and 2 preschoolers met at Silverstream Reserve just outside of Christchurch and were greeted by a small group of regular volunteers. After a safety briefing and a discussion about our task, we set to work clearing around the young native plants which had been previously planted. Over morning tea we learnt more about the reserve. The regular volunteers were very excited to see so many people working to clear the area and have invited us to return during the winter months to help with planting more trees. Several people indicated that they would be interested in doing so.
Project 2 Donations to It Takes A Village - helping families by providing items that are needed for young children
Over the last few months members of the Canterbury Hebrew Congregation have donated items suitable for children up to the age of 5. We had a great response from the community. The organisation creates bundles of things specific to the person who has applied for assistance. The person we were in contact with was very grateful saying at this time of year especially, there were a very large number of people applying for help.

Mount Sinai College - Gemillut Chassidim Acts of Loving Kindness

Year 6 students engage in “Gemillut Chassidim – Acts of Loving Kindness”. This highlights the importance the College places on the act of giving one’s own time to support others. Our Year 6 students are required to engage in a minimum of 3 - 5 hours of Community Service to a worthy cause or charity of their choice over the course of the year and enact our school Motto “Na’aseh V’nishma“ – “We will do and we will heed”.

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