Photos 2022

In One Voice 2022

With One Aim - Community Groups Expo At the core of the In One Voice Festival is the "With One Aim" Community Groups Expo and we are so happy to see its return after two years away due to COVID related changes. The In One Voice Community Expo enables community groups to promote their services and spread their mission. It showcases the remarkable richness of Jewish community life, and offers those attending In One Voice the opportunity to get to know what the community offers.

To send us your photos of your Project you can use one of two options:

1. Online (an easy way to send lots of photos)

  • Click here to go to the website: WeTransfer
  • Click “Add your Files” and pick the photos you want send
  • Input your details:
    • Email to:
    • Your email: Input your own email
    • Message: Enter the name of the project or organisation
  • Click “Transfer”

2. Email (if only sending a couple of photos)