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Evelyn Flitman (JECO) interviewed on J-Air 06-Nov-16

Robyn Krawitz interviewed on J-Air by Gary Max 09-Nov-16

The Menora Charity Fund Perth

Going to Swap Meet to raise funds for the less fortunate in our community

Mitzvah Day 2015 Ad on J-Air

2015 Mitzvah Day Advertisement

Help, for Goodness Sake – Article in Port Phillip and Caulfield Glen Eira Leader Newspapers

Port Phillip + Caulfield Glen Eira Leaders – Page 10 18Aug15

Podcast of Judy Feiglin on J-Air Radio on 26/7/15

Next in this edition of Abe’s Tikun Olam Hour, we interview Judy Feiglin, Melbourne Founder and Co-Ordinator of Mitzvah Day. Judy explains the history of the Day from the U.S., how one woman earned an OBE by bringing it to the U.K. – and how another woman, Judy Feiglin, brought it to Australia, now 5 years ago! Then there were 15 Mitzvah day projects, by last November, there were 70 projects – organisations, family groups and even individuals – like Abe who brought it to the Darebin Spiritual Healing Walk 2 years back, in honour of the Aboriginal elder, Uncle Reg Blow. Judy invited people to start thinking about which organisations they may want to partner with this year – Sunday 15th November.
In the spirit of “Good People” doing Mitzvot, Judy introduced her choice of song, Naomi Shemer – “Anashim Tovim” – and later invited all you “good people” to get involved in the 2015 Mitzvah Day by registering (or contacting her) on – and J-Air endorses any/all Mitzvah Day projects… and encourages you to promote your idea on Abe’s Tikun Olam Hour on a future Sunday night – be in touch!

Judy’s interview starts from 44.00 and continues till about 55.00 –
or – under Podcast Tab scroll to “T” for “Tikun Olam”, where todays’ date 26-07-15 will bring up Episode 58 – “Tisha B’Av, $18 saves children’s lives, Mitzvah Day 15-11-15” where the interview starts with the Naomi Shemer song at about 9.41.15 timestamp.

Native Tree Planting in Children’s Playground

A family day with many of my son’s kinder families joining in.